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Morganza History Book

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Initially, the primary effort will be directed toward the construction of the history.  An informal group consisting of Lyle Brown, Myrna Tuminello and Stafford Chenevert has been formed to accomplish this.  Myrna will use her expertise in the English language to provide guidance and perform editorial functions. Stafford will provide invaluable assistance in researching information in the archives of the Banner and other published sources.  Lyle will organize the material into a volume to be published. Anyone with stories to tell, with photographs to scan, or to suggest other sources can best contact the District via email at  

The Morganza Cultural District is working to collect as much information as possible about the people, culture and events regarding the Village.  Toward that end it has established several venues. First, with the intent to establish a museum, it is attempting to collect artifacts from the past, especially those with significance to the area.  This would certainly include documents and photographs. Members of the District Board would gladly work with individuals to electronically scan documents and photographs. The second approach is to record interviews via video where possible, with the intent of archiving them for viewing by the public and for research purposes.  The third approach is to construct one or more volumes of history.

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