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Explore Our Beloved Village

Morganza is an incorporated village in Pointe Coupee ParishLouisiana.  The town was formally incorporated in 1908 but had been in existence for almost a century before that.  It is almost centrally located within the state.  Morganza is a relatively small place – a Village actually – with a population of slightly more than 600 as of the 2010 census.  It has one zip code, 70759, and no stoplights.  The Morganza branch of the U.S. Post Office opened in 1847, closed some years later, and reopened in 1899. The village is snugged up against the Mississippi River and sits alongside Louisiana Highway 1 (LA 1) and the Kansas City Southern (KCS) railroad.   Morganza is known for two things - Morganza Cake and the Morganza Spillway.  Morganza Cake is usually a dark chocolate sheet cake with homemade caramelized sugar frosting.  It takes a good baker to make a good Morganza Cake and the town is full of them.  Click here to read about the Morganza Cake.

On this website you will see two distinctions:  the Village of Morganza, which refers to the one square mile of incorporated area, and the Morganza Cultural District, which includes surrounding unincorporated areas that are rich in history.

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