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South Louisiana is a fantastic birding area.  More than 325 species of birds travel along the Mississippi River in their yearly migration to Canada and back again to Central and South America. If you are into birding or wildlife photography, South Louisiana is the place to be!  Everything from hummingbirds to Bald Eagles can be seen in this area.  Morganza specifically host a couple of eagles and their nests which can easily be seen along Highway 1.  We even get wintering hummingbirds here, so if you live in this area, put out those feeders or if you are just visiting, try to connect with someone who host these little guys each year. The local habitat is great breeding grounds for such colorful birds as Rosette spoonbills and painted buntings.  Wildlife is also abundant, but it can be trickier to catch a glimpse. Black bears, alligators, white-tail deer, beavers, river otters, coyotes and foxes are just a few of the wildlife you could encounter.  Patience, stealth and of course just good luck is what is needed.  So, whether you are visiting this area or one of the fortunate to live here, when out and about be sure to pick up that camera and you will be amazed at what you will see!   

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