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Listed below are businesses within the Village of Morganza town limits, as well as within the Morganza Cultural District.

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Est 1918

Serio's Service Station

Frank Serio was an immigrant from Sicily and came to America as a young child.  During his early adult life, he worked for the Ford Motor Company in New Roads.  In 1918 he opened Serio's Garage and in 1936 built the current business, Serio's Service Station.


Today, his son Jacko runs the business and it is open for oil changes, tire repairs and other minor car repairs.  


Village of Morganza

251 La Hwy 1

village one stop.jpg

Est 2002

Village One Stop & Cafe

Doug Humphreys is from Innis, a town 5 miles from Morganza.  The building the Village One Stop is located in was originally a full service gas station and repair shop, then it was an auto parts store and last it was the Village Marketplace Antiques.  Doug runs it as a gas station, convenience store and there's a delicious cafe' in the back that serves the best fried chicken and catfish in the parish.  He also makes sure to have biscuits for the community after church on Sunday mornings.


Village of Morganza

691 La Hwy 1

225-694-2617 store

225-694-4759 cafe

four oaks2.jpg

Est 1982

Four Oaks Farm

In 1958, a bareback rider from Mowata, Louisiana, Fred Frey, married Dorthy "Dot" Vizinat from Eunice, Louisiana. Frey worked as a roughneck in the oil field until he decided to take a different direction in life. In 1959 Frey packed up his family and moved to Mississippi to take a position as a farm manager, despite knowing nothing about farming.  In 1967 property  became available in Morganza to rent, so Frey and his brother-in-law, Edwin Leonards managed the land for five years.​ Then, finally bought the land and founded F&L Planters.

In 1982, when Fred retired, he gave his part of the business to his sons and named it Four Oaks Farm, named after the four oak trees growing in their front yard. Today they farm sugarcane, crawfish, rice, soybeans, corn and cattle. The Freys sell crawfish to the public during crawfish season, February thru May.


Morganza Cultural District

10118 Bayou Fordoche Rd


The Cedar saloon-2.png

Est 1947 / Reopened 2019

The Cedar Saloon

The Cedar Saloon is where generations of people have played and listened to some of the best music made in America.

Mark T. Allement, a descendant of Morganza natives, is the owner/operator of The Cedar Saloon.  He began a renovation of the building in the Fall of 2019 and reopened on New Year's Eve of 2019.

Mark is a cattle farmer and lives on the family ranch that he grew up on in Batchelor.  He is also a musician that recorded an album in Nashville in 1993.   Because he spent a lot of his childhood in Morganza with his grandparents, Morganza is a very special place to him.  He hopes to see friends, families, happy faces, entertainment, and some of the finest music (country, cajun, jitterbug and old time rock and roll) being played at the saloon. He wants the place to remind people of a simpler time.  The place also has a gaming room for people to enjoy video poker, darts, pool and other games. Bingo, free food giveaways, and cajun days are all things Mark hopes to regularly have at the saloon.

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 12.23.35

Morganza Cultural District

7171 LA Hwy 1


Facebook: The Cedar Saloon


Est 2017

HM Design

Hilary is a Morganza native who recently moved back to the Village where she started her interior design business HM Design. Morganza is where most of her family still lives today and after living in Shreveport for five years she and her husband thought it would be the best place to raise their young daughter. 


HM Design can assist with small design needs to large scale projects, which includes both residential and commercial design. The focus of the business is to help people through the design process, so they can enjoy their homes and businesses to its fullest potential.


Morganza Cultural District


Lagniappe rentals.png

Est 2007

LR Lagniappe Rentals

Lisa Robillard and her husband a lifelong residents of Morganza.  Their parents are from Morganza and their three daughters they raised also reside in Morganza today.  They started their rental business after the marriage of their two oldest daughters in the same year.  They felt the need for practical items such as tables and chairs.  They have since added to their inventory and expand as the need arises. 

LR Lagniappe Rentals offers chairs, linens, tables, and your basic party needs.


Morganza Cultural District

7813 La Hwy 1


Facebook:  LR Lagniappe Rentals

Elmo and Sons.PNG

Est 1977

Elmo Simmons & Sons Burial Vaults

Elmo Simmons is a native of Morganza and founded the business as an extension of his love of cement construction.  Over the years he has serviced multiple parishes and thousands of people that have entrusted his company with final arrangements.  The company is a major partner for all 3 major funeral homes in the parish including Pointe Coupee Funeral Home, Niland’s Funeral Home and A. Wesley funeral home which has a branch in Morganza. He plans on doing what he loves for as long as he can with help from his wife of over 50 years Lillie Mae Simmons.  

Elmo and Sons.JPG

Morganza Cultural District



Est 2020

Jake Meche Farrier Service

Jake Meche is a native of Church Point, LA, and moved to Morganza when he married his wife Hilary. After being gone for a while they decided to move back to the Village to raise their young daughter. 


Jake has always had an interest in the horse industry and decided to pursue a career as a Farrier. After completing a course at Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, Jake now offers horseshoeing and trimming services. 


Morganza Cultural District


brandon bergeron2.jpg

Est 2008

Morganza Cabinetry & Millwork

Brandon Bergeron comes from a family of master carpenters from Morganza. His grandfather J.C. Bergeron and uncles Clovis and Bush Bergeron were all well known in the Morganza area. He began his woodworking career with his dad Harvey Bergeron Sr. building cypress swings, picnic tables, and other lawn furniture.  


Today Brandon offers custom cabinetry, doors, windows, and other specialty millwork.  The company is small with only three employees. This allows them to pay close attention to detail and provide customers with an exceptional quality of work. They intend to stay small and are happy to be rooted in such a unique town as Morganza.


Morganza Cultural District



Est 2016

The Red Apron

The Red Apron started as a small lunch delivery in 2016 and has turned into full time small catering and daily lunch specials.  They specialize in their one on one delivery of one of a kind lunches.   They are located in Morganza, in their totally restored 1910 building which was originally The Bank Of Morganza!   Give them a call for your next luncheon specials.

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 3.06.42 PM.png

Village of Morganza

182 LA-3050



Est 1998

Academy of Martial Arts

Academy of Martial Arts is under the helm of Morganza native, Grandmaster Brad Edmonds, and wife Master Shawn Edmonds.  Together they have over 50 years combined experience working with children and adults in this family friendly environment.  At Academy of Martial Arts, we believe that a person's total well being, both psychological and physical, can be strengthened at the same time. While the physical aspects of exercise of Martial Arts training improve one’s general health, it also improves emotional health with increased self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as decreased tension, stress and anxiety. Self-confidence, respect, discipline, focus and humility are some of the many life skills that martial arts brings. Academy of Martial Arts teaches students 5 and up.

GM and M.jpeg

Village of Morganza

131 LA Hwy 1


FB: Academy of Martial Arts


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