Within the Morganza Cultural District there are many historic churches and cemeteries dating back to the 1800's.  Most of them still have active congregations.  Coming soon: Historic Church & Cemetery Tours!  Click on the pictures below for more information about each church.

St .Marys Episcopal Church
St. Mary’s was consecrated on May 7, 1916 and is still an active congregation.

Contact stmarysmorganza@gmail.com for more information and service times.

Located at 331 W Tircuit St, Morganza, LA 70759
Bright Morning Star Baptist Church
This church was built in 1870 and is still an active congregation today.

For more information or service times contact Rev. Cleveland Richard at 225-718-7019 or cleve7019@gmail.com

Located at 12812 Fordoche Bayou Rd, Morganza, LA 70759
St. Ann's Catholic Church
On April 2, 1916, Father Perino celebrated the first Mass at St. Ann and it is still an active community today.

Contact 225-694-3781 for more information and current service times.

Located at 182 Church Rd, Morganza, LA 70759
Little Rock Baptist Church
Little Rock Baptist Church in Morganza began in 1872 and is still active today.

Located at 7191 Morganza Hwy, Morganza, LA 70759
Zion Traveler Baptist Church
This church is still an active congregation.
Saint Francis of Pointe Coupee
This church was built in 1894-95. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It still has an active congregation.

For service times and more information, contact 225-638-9665.

Located at 10364 Pointe Coupee Rd, New Roads, LA 70760
Mount Era Baptist Church
More information to come.

This is still an active congregation.
Mt Canaan Missionary Baptist Church
Picture and more information to come.
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