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The Morganza Cultural District

The State of Louisiana supports the the creation of 501 c(3) organizations 'for the purpose of revitalizing a community by creating a hub of cultural activity'.  Benefits of such an organization are by definition an enhanced environment for cultural activity but also include financial incentives.  The organization is supported by the State by being exempted from sales taxes for fundraising activities.  The local area businesses are allowed 'income and corporate franchise tax credits for eligible expenses for rehabilitation of owner-occupied or revenue generating historic structures in a Cultural District.'

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The 501 c(3) is named the Morganza Cultural District and consists of a Board of Directors and a number of subcommittees.  Currently the board consists of 11 members with varied backgrounds.  Subcommittees both evaluate and propose projects – both long and short range.  The board actively seeks input from the community for ideas and prioritization of efforts.


While the 501 c(3) cannot and does not contribute financially to any commercial entity, it does assist with the promotion of business within the boundaries of the district.  It will help advertise fundraising activities and members may volunteer their time to support such efforts.  The organization itself is financed by donations and various fundraising activities including dinners, raffles, memorabilia sales and fairs.  All funds raised are used in projects supported by the organization.


The physical district extends well beyond the city limits of Morganza, as shown by the map below.


Vision Statement 

The Morganza Cultural District (MCD) will strive to beautify and rejuvenate the community with renewed enthusiasm to reflect its long-lasting traditions, its diverse culture, its interesting history, and its multi-talented citizens.


Mission Statement 

Our mission is to assist the MCD in beautification efforts, in economic development, in recreational efforts, and in creating an enhanced environment to reside and visit.

Benefits of being a Cultural District: 

  • Increased cultural activity, occupancy, commerce, jobs

  • Sense of community identity, unique and authentic

  • Artists are valued

  • Anchor institutions and special events are either developed or supported/grown

  • Community support

  • A broader vision for the district and surrounding community/communities

  • Attracting new visitors and businesses, retaining residents

  • Tax credits available for renovations on historic structures

Historic Tax Credit Program

To find out more about the historic tax credit program, contact Alison Saunders.

Tax Incentives Director

Division of Historic Preservation

225.342.8155 |

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