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The Morganza Revitalization Project

The Morganza Cultural District (501C3) has 6 committees that are actively working to revitalize the Village of Morganza through beautification efforts, promotion of local businesses and talents, community events, and preservation of history and historic structures.  To join a committee, contact


 Kevin Simmons, Chair | Stacy Gabor, Co-Chair


Jeralyn Ewing, Chair | Lisa Robillard, Co-Chair | Pauline Morgan, Co-Chair


Natalie Thompson, Chair | Taylor Frey, Co-Chair

Planning & Development

Cindy Guidroz, Chair

Morganza Business Association

Tonilyn Guidry, Chair  |  Hillary Olinde, Co-Chair

The Morganza Cultural District also has 10 Board Members from various towns that are actively working to revitalize the Village of Morganza.  To reach a Board member, contact

Board Members

Rev. Cleveland Richard | Morganza 

Stacy Gabor | Morganza

Angie Ramagos | Morganza

Peter Alongia | Morganza

Beatrice Howard | Morganza

Jeanine Lemoine | Innis

Executive Board


Rene' Thibodeaux | Morganza

Vice President

Natalie Thompson | Baton Rouge


Pauline Morgan | Morganza



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