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The Malt Shop

In the 1950s, Frank Sansone built a malt shop in Morganza, Louisiana.  It was a beloved spot in the town for many years.  In 1994, Donnie Derbies, aka Hair Bear, purchased the malt shop that had been closed down for some time.  He has always wanted to reopen the business but has run into financial issues getting that done.  Trying to reopen a food establishment after it has been closed for many years is difficult, as there are costly renovations that must be done to bring the building up to current health codes.  But that won't stop us!  There is a revitalization effort taking place in Morganza right now and they are coming along side Hair Bear to get the malt shop reopen.  It will also serve as an Easy Rider motorcycle stop, as it will house memorabilia from the filming of Easy Rider in Morganza in 1968.  Help us restore this historic malt and bring life into the village of Morganza!

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