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When "Roots Run Deep"

Posted 05/02/19 - Myrna Tuminello "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." --  Plato. Ancient philosophers recognized the importance of the arts in life and often expressed appreciation for its importance in the human condition. In our modern world, it is still no different.  In this day and time, music still remains a powerful element of this genre. Have you thought about and appreciated how many talented musicians there are in your midst? From local church choirs to stage performers who have been well-instructed, to those who have learned on their own because of the love of music, we are very fortunate to reap the benefits of the musical talents of our friends and neighbors who don’t mind sharing those talents. Just since this past February, one of our local singer/song-writer talents, Taylor Frey, has decided to establish a band, presently known as the “Roots Run Deep” Concert Band. Taylor, originally from Morganza, Louisiana, an alumna of Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee, earned her degree from L.S.U. in Mass Communications with a Minor in Agriculture. She owns her own company, Taylor Frey Productions, specializing in Film Making, Photography and Event Planning, but she has never lost her love of music. On May 3, 2019, "Roots Run Deep" will present its first concert at "The Big Shed" located at 9473 F&L Lane, down Warranka Lane, (HWY 10), Morganza, Louisiana, beginning at 7 pm in the evening. No tickets are being sold; only donations will be accepted at the door. Everyone is invited to come to listen to the music and pass a good time. Growing up on her family farm, Taylor has retained a passion for her country environment: "Family, Faith, Nature, and the simplicity of life are my passion. My music is a way to tell stories that are important; a way of expression!"  How the world needs the graces of simpler days and simple things that are good. She reveals that those things are real and true and are the heart behind my music. She recalls how she as a child loved to ride in the fields with her dad. The serenity of the farm life has left a lasting impression in her mind. Within approximately two months of reaching out, Taylor has found a group of musicians who began showing a profound interest in becoming part of her band of performing artists. Donnie "Bear" Derbes, retired and former owner of the Bear's Den (Cedar Club) will be one of the guitar players. Taylor remembers that when she was 16 years old, Donnie would let her practice on his stage at the Club, and he had once allowed her to sign his own guitar. "Bear" remarked that it will be ideal to have their first concert in Morganza because of the great people there and they will all have such a good time. To be able to perform in front of your home town crowd is such a big thrill. To see the looks on everyone’s faces when you start to sing…is a priceless experience. Brandon Derbes, a drummer, as well as a guitarist, is "Bear" and Donna Vosburg’s son. He is described as a team player with the band and blends in very well with the rest of the group.  By trade Brandon is a commercial fisherman. What would the band do without a "fiddle player?" Dave Guillaume fills the bill for that job. Not only does he possess musical talent to play the fiddle, but he can make a mandolin and electric guitar talk to the crowd, too. His expertise also expands to expert in directing sound. Dave is married to Carleen Cannon Guillaume, originally of Morganza. He is a retired carpenter, born in New Roads and has lived in Baton Rouge and Baker, Louisiana, as well. When asked his feelings about his musical future, he quoted that … I am very excited about playing music with Taylor and the band…people will see how talented Taylor is and her songs. Alisha Jarreau, PT, DPT, owns her own Therapy Center clinic in New Roads, Louisiana. She has been singing her whole life and … "was touched and inspired by Taylor’s music that she has written. Everyone can identify with the lyrics. When we began to sing together, it was like magic. Their voices blend perfectly." Age is no factor in the music world. The youngest member of the group is 15 year old Daniel Thompson, a descendent of the Morganza Serio family. He is an honor student at The Dunham School in Baton Rouge. Daniel is a very talented musician who plays 5 different instruments. Jack Causey is the bass guitar player who lives in Leesville, Louisiana. He is the CEO/Administrator of the Leesville Rehabilitation Hospital. He met “Bear” in 1976-77, began playing music and joined the "Hole-in-the-Wall Gang," a band that played in the Pointe Coupee area. There, he met Chris Guedry and Dave Guillaume where they struck up the beautiful musical friendship which is lasting for a lifetime. As he attended one of the Baker Bash Poker Runs, he met Taylor who was singing her original songs. The songs had great lyrics; she had a beautiful voice and a heart of gold, he explained. It is amazing that Dave, Brandon, “Bear,” and Jack all played together in those earlier years, and now their musical journey has led them back to one another again. It must be their fate. Such talented people will be making beautiful music together as one great group. It is very obvious that …musical roots really do run deep! Taylor Frey Music News Release


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