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Camellia Crossing Open House

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Morganza, Louisiana


There’s been a buzz in Morganza since the grassroots revitalization effort began in 2017. The town has had several successful events since that time, most notable being the “Ride to Morganza” in April 2019, which brought in over 1000 bikes, shortly followed by the “Easy Rider 50th Anniversary Festival” in September 2019, which brought in over 3000 bikes. Although the revitalization efforts have directed a lot of their plans toward Easy Rider events, many other projects have been accomplished such as a major railroad trash cleanup, family events, Morganza High School alumni gatherings, basketball clinics in the Morganza High School gym, as well as the reopening of the town’s historic dance hall The Cedar Saloon.

While the Covid-19 shutdowns were slowing down many people, a special duo in Morganza was just getting revved up. Lisa Robillard and her daughter Hilary Meche saw the potential in their hometown and decided to do what they could to save a beloved home in the area. Camellia Crossing is a home as familiar to Morganza as the railroad tracks that run through it. Over the years it’s been a home as well as an antique store. But over the past few years it’s been a vacant eye sore.

Thanks to the time, hard work and investment this mother-daughter duo put into this home, locals now have an option to patronize yet another home grown business. The restoration that has taken place is simply lovely. Everything from the chosen paint colors to the updated light fixtures enhanced the original beauty of the house. On Friday, June 18, 2021, Lisa and Hilary invited people into the newly restored house which is now home to several businesses: HM Design Interior & Floral and LR Lagniappe Rentals. For more information on interior design, floral designs, or party rentals, you can contact the ladies directly at 225-425-3287 (Design & Floral) or 225-718-1643 (Rentals).


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